Our newest Team Member…Meet Maisie!


We were NOT looking for a dog. We had lost our 16 year old beagle 2 years ago, and then my 4-lb Yorkie about 7 months ago.

We decided to settle into a dog-less life. Something in 40 years of marriage we had never known. It’s eerily similar to empty nest syndrome. What ARE we going to talk about now? Then I saw Maisie on FB, looking for a new home. Her previous owners had 3 small children, and less and less time to spend with Maisie as a result. Totally understandable. We have a mutual friend, so it was easy to reach out to the owner. I admit, I was slightly hesitant, and actually thought that she would not work at all for our current life. After all, we have a new business, and any new dog will need to be a good fit.

I asked the owner to do me a huge favor and bring her out to Belton Gun Club for a gunfire test. After all, if she was skittish about that, it would be a definite no. Not only was she unfazed by the ongoing IDPA match, she actually hopped up into the trailer and took an immediate liking to my husband. First test, passed.

So we decided to ask if it was ok to bring her home and see how she acted with just us AND the chickens. Yes, I have 3 PET chickens, Rocky, Felicia and Violet. I get plenty of eggs and they are the MOST spoiled chickens.

Long story short and as you can tell from the picture above, we LOVE HER. She’s not afraid of anything. She travels well, she’s quiet and calm during an appearance, leaves my chickens alone, and everybody that meets her loves her too. Her only real vice? She loves TENNIS BALLS. OBSESSIVELY. REPETITIVELY. ENDLESSLY. Automatic ball launcher on order now.

They say love finds you when you’re not looking. Apparently, that goes for dogs too. So come by and say “Hello!” to Maisie. We’ve quickly learned that she’s the star of the show.

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