Ultrasonic Cleaning VS Traditional Cleaning


You might be asking yourself…

What can Ultrasonic Cleaning do for my weapon that I cannot already do with a normal cleaning?

You might be surprised to hear that we actually don’t want to replace your regular weapons cleaning. If you are a competitive shooter, gun range enthusiast, hunter or anyone who keeps and maintains their weapon(s) on a regular basis, we ADMIRE and APPLAUD you. When we get the chance to clean your gun, believe me, we can tell that you put in the work.

But here’s the difference.

Ultrasonic Cleaning is a deep clean that gets into areas you cannot, at least not easily. We field strip your weapon, set any wood stocks and forearms aside, then submerge all metal parts in a tank where the ultrasonic cavitation process begins to work in seconds. The amount of carbon fouling, grease, fingerprints and debris that comes off is astounding. And when you combine the deep cleaning with our deep ultrasonic lubrication, now you have a renewed weapon.

Take a look at some recent before and after pics. Then give us a call to schedule an appointment for YOUR cleaning. We would be glad to help you with one gun or your entire collection.

Mossberg 4 pics.jpg

Still not convinced?

Take a look. While this was obviously not a regularly maintained weapon, we are STILL amazed at how well it came back to life.