We saw our first ultrasonic cleaning over 3 years ago. If you’ve watched the video on our Services Page, then you’ve seen it in action. But hey… we never get tired of watching it, so here it is again…

We know the providence of this gun. It’s not been roughly handled or left standing in the corner of a dusty storage room. Still, the video plainly shows carbon fouling buildup and you can see the ultrasonic process begin to work in seconds. And once you add in our ultrasonic lubrication, now you’re talking about complete care.

So.. will OUR process help totally trashed out, forgotten forever, drug through the dirt weapons?


Case in point. This MOSSBERG 500 was forgotten about in a basement. Left under a couch. It seemed hopeless, sad even. Not worth pursuing. But then I heard it had never been fired. WHAT? So there was a good possibility that nothing was actually wrong with the inner mechanisms of this weapon, and I was dying to find out.

Take a look at a few before and after pictures. They say pictures are worth a thousand words. You be the judge.


What does this mean for your guns? Well, even if you’ve always performed routine cleanings on your weapon, the ultrasonic process goes deeper into areas you cannot reach with traditional cleaning tools/methods. It can take your duck hunting guns that have been subjected to wet and muck back to great working order for the new season (we’re working on some of those right now!) and will allow you to have your guns ready for any hunt, range shoot or general readiness.

Contact us right away to schedule your cleaning. You won’t be sorry.

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